musing # 1

Consider this: You are a librarian in a State University. You deplore the state of your library’s collection because you are trying to resurrect already-condemned books so that you can still add it to your collection. Accreditation in your institution is fast approaching (and this includes your library), that’s why you’re doing this. It’s so hard for you to keep this out-of-date books be part of your collection but due to budget constraint, you have to! You even asked the help of librarian friends for donations blessed enough of their libraries. For your institution’s Integrated Library System (ILS), you are lucky enough to be set up with Free and open source software – a fully featured one, hence, you are paying less for the maintenance and set up of your ILS. Then one day, you are able to come out with a Request for Quotation/Canvass for an ILS amounting to Php750,000.00. Talk about priorities! That amount can easily be used to procure more recent books for your library and institution for the use of the students. If you are listening to local radio station Love Radio Manila wherein a “lolo” blurbs some contradicting statements of usual day-to-day life and at the end of the commercial, he ends his punchline with “Di ko ma-konek!”. Indeed, this situation abovementioned – I cannot connect! (“Di ko makonek”).

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